Self Defense For Kids: Choosing The Right Program

Self defense for kids is now more than ever, one of the most popular children's activities. Self defense classes will not only give your kid an upper hand when it comes to defending themselves against bullies but will also learn a few valuable skills along the way....

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Best Martial Arts Techniques to Learn Immediately

Are you looking for a new challenge? Do you feel like you need to learn something new? Something that will allow you to push your boundaries? How about learning one of the best martial arts techniques? Bet you didn’t think of that right? There are so many reasons why...

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5 Tips For Standing Up for Yourself and Be More Assertive

Standing up for yourself is not always the easiest thing to do in life. It is however, very important to stand up for yourself whether it’s at work, in a relationship, with friends or family and even as you travel the world. Many people will always let others have...

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Safety Talk: What to Expect from Self-Defense Classes

Have you been thinking about taking some self-defense classes for weeks? You took your time to learn everything you need to know about self-defense training, maybe you even picked already the right course for you. So what's there to do next before will take your kick...

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Self-Defense 101: What is Self-Defense Training?

You’ve probably heard quite a lot about self-defense training. Safety at home and abroad is something everyone should take seriously. But what exactly is self-defense? Self-defense is the act of preventing yourself from suffering violence by using counteracting force...

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The best female self-defense devices you can carry

None of us want to be victims of an attack but sometimes you simply can’t avoid it. There are different measures you can take to protect yourself. Female self-defense classes are getting more and more popular by the day, more and more women are becoming proactive when...

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Feeling stressed? Learn how to deal with anxiety

Feeling stressed and anxious at various stages of our lives is pretty normal and a part of life. You’ll often find yourself worrying about work, finances, family, relationships, and maybe about travelling. Let’s discover how to deal with anxiety in a very effective...

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