Searching for the term “A women traveling alone” get’s about 23 million hits in GoogleYou’ve probably looked that search term up a lot of times now, right? You want to be absolutely sure that it’s ok for you to travel alone. You know what? IT IS. I have been doing it for years now and I will always continue doing it. 

Knowing what to do and preparing for your solo trip before hand will definitely put your mind at ease. So how about we quickly take a look at a few practical things that you can do to ensure your solo trip is an absolute success?  

Top Tips for Women Travelling Alone

1. Be Confident

You may be a little bit nervous the first time you go to a new place whether alone or in a group. Nervousness is one of the things that will make you an attractive target while travelling alone. Whilst most countries are safe for women traveling alone, there will always be people looking to take advantage of an unsuspecting foreigner.

Such people will normally target people who look like easy prey. Even though fear may grip you when you get to a new place, always stay confident. Even when you are lost or in trouble, be assertive and focused at all times.

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2. Blend in with the Locals

One thing travelers often forget is that we are going to someone else’s country. There are locals everywhere we go. It’s important to take notice of locals and learn their culture. When you are new in a place it’s smart to act, think and dress like the locals do. Be sure to note what others are wearing and follow suit.

This will reduce the chance of being the tourist target. If it’s hot and the locals are still wearing pants and jackets, go with the flow to blend in. When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

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3. Avoid Late Night Travels when Traveling Alone

When traveling alone, it’s advisable to travel during the day in order to avoid getting lost in the dark. During daytime you will get to know your surroundings. Make sure you get any emergency supplies if you need some. It avoids to look confused and vulnerable to fraudster.

The comfort of daytime will keep you relaxed and even if any issue arises, you will have the confidence to deal with it calmly. Darkness has a way of getting you into a panic state, even when it’s not necessary. So arrive early and start familiarizing yourself with your destination.

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4. Research Your Accommodation Options Thoroughly

Where you will stay will also determine how exciting or disappointing your trip alone will be. During the first couple of trips you will find yourself seeking the same comfort you have at home. So if you get to your hotel room or apartment and it’s very different from your own house, this may disappoint you.

When looking for a place to stay, make sure it’s a place people or friends have stayed and can vouch for. Make sure it’s a place where you are being surrounded by like minded people. If you are shopping online, check reviews from other people who have stayed there, if the place has no reviews you may want to think twice before booking it. AirBnB,, are some of the best sites to find good accommodation. TripAdvisor is great for reviews and price comparison.


5. Always Have a Plan B when Doing a Solo Trip

Ever found yourself somewhere and your heart just won’t settle for it? It could be a simple coffee house that just doesn’t rub you right. Most first time travelers have a bucket list of the places that they would like to visit. Of course you are very excited about a place because you have added it to your bucket list. However, there’s no guarantee that a place will be as great as you envisioned it.

A plan B always comes in handy, especially when your instincts tell you to leave a place. You may be looking forward to a visit to a local town that you saw online and on arrival you get a totally different vibe of the place. Be flexible and have a few other places on the list to try out, so you won’t feel you wasted valuable time during your solo trip.

6. Avoid Getting Drunk Alone

It’s very safe to drink and get drunk when you are with a crowd of friends, but when traveling alone it can put you in danger. Being in a new place, drunk, can lead to poor judgement and decision making. It can exposing yourself to an attack. For the best night out experience, go clubbing with any friends that you’ve made during your stay. Avoid going alone. However, if you still decide to go alone, don’t drink much and don’t stay till late.

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7. Leave a Trail 

Social media is the one place that everyone is constantly active, we all love to post pictures of our adventures and how we feel about our trips. Doing so may feel like you’re bragging, however, for women traveling alone, this keeps your family and friends posted on your whereabouts.

Keep a time frame, let’s say if they haven’t see a post from you in a day, they should know that something could be wrong.

8. Keep Your Phone Fully Charged

Your phone should always be charged and even better get a local sim card with data. Most information you may need is available online. For instance Google Maps can guide you well instead of asking strangers for directions. Always have an emergency contact that you can call, should you need any kind of assistance.

Should you be staying in a hotel, have the front desk number with you. If you are renting an apartment, have the number of the owner. Those numbers will help you in case you need help with directions, they will help you to clarify information you may receive from locals when exploring your destination.

There are so many women traveling alone, which gets me totally excited because I love seeing women rise up and conquer their fears. If you’ve been wanting to travel but can’t find a travel partner, do it solo. You can do it girl!

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