In the words of Gustave Flaubert – “Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world”. You can see that going out of your comfort zone and travelling with friends, colleagues, and family is one of the best ways to enjoy life. However, travelling is sweeter when you have your belongings and items well secured. I would assume that one of the most important items in your wallet is your credit cards. With increased numbers of credit card victims, (16.7 million affected users), it’s advisable to add extra security around your credit card. This is achieved with our RFID wallet.

Now, you are probably thinking to yourself that is a miracle wallet from heaven itself. But what exactly is an RFID wallet and why do I need one? As you read further, you will find the answers to these pressing questions. Contact Girls Kick Ass today to send your order in for this magical wallet!

What to Look for in a Good Travel Wallet?

To start off, these are the things you need to consider when searching for the best travel wallet…

1. Design / Pockets

There are a variety of travel wallets on the market. Some are minimalistic only holding a few things while others act as a more convenient full-sized wallet or purse. Some you’ll unzip as they open accordion style while others open like an envelope. Consider what will work best for you depending on how much stuff you’ll need to carry in it.

If you know that you only need to carry your passport, boarding pass, and a couple credit cards, then a minimalist design caters to this.

On the other hand, it’ll be different when you’re traveling somewhere with all your favourite stores. You’ll need to bring your store loyalty cards in addition to all of your travel documents, so consider a wallet with more pockets. Whatever the scenario might be, we have you covered with our wide selection and varying colors of RFID wallets.

Something good to note when you’re travelling is the type of currency you’ll be carrying. Consider whether there’s a coin zipper pouch and/or several slots for currency. For example, if you’re traveling from North America to Paris, it’ll be beneficial to have two currency slots. So that you can neatly keep your US dollars separate from your Euros.


2. Durability

Be cautious of choosing a wallet only based solely on aesthetics. While there are some quality, budget-friendly wallets on the market, some companies are content with selling cheap, low-quality products. When you choose from the best wallets for travel, you can be confident you’ll be getting a quality product that lasts. Some companies even offer warranties or money back guarantees to show you they have confidence in their quality and durability.

3. Security

Few things can ruin a vacation quicker than being robbed. Few features utilized by travel wallets to help minimize that likelihood. RFID-equipped wallets protect you against electronic pickpocketing, where someone can steal your personal information without having to touch you.

Anti-slash material can protect you against those who try to rip or slash your wallet with a knife to steal your things. Also, keep in mind the quality of zippers or snaps in your wallet – you don’t want them to be flimsy or open too easily.

4. Size

The size is vitally important as it needs to cater to your travel needs. Minimalist wallets tend to be around the same size as standard wallets making our RFID wallets easy to conceal when you’re walking through crowds. While a larger wallet may be more practical for you, you may not be able to easily keep it in your pants or jacket pocket.

With all this being said, you need a good travel wallet with RFID protection. As shown below, it’s all to secure your future financial safety.

Why You Need An RFID Protecting Wallet

As technology evolves, so do the scams!

New credit cards that have Radio Frequency Identification chips are now prone to sophisticated hackers. Only RFID blocking technology can protect your personal information from attacks.

If you’ve ever been a victim of identity theft or know someone who has, you know the devastating effects it can have on credit scores. Not to mention, the endless number of hours it takes to correct it. Don’t become a victim of identity theft and risk pay thousands to an attorney to straighten it out. Let’s ensure it’ll never happen in the first place.

One of the best ways to secure your information is to purchase a wallet that has RFID protection technology. Protect yourself by buying a wallet that guards all your important personal information wherever you go.

RFID chips eliminate the need for a magnetic strip. They allow store clerks to use a special scanner that can detect credit cards wirelessly up to four inches away. Its special design eliminates the need for credit cards to leave your possession. Similar to a restaurant, when the waiter or waitress takes your card when it’s time to pay.

While highly innovative in design, sophisticated thieves can purchase a scanning device online. They can then steal your credit card and personal information without it even leaving your purse or wallet.

Wallets with RFID blocking technology stop the wireless signal from being transmitted even before it starts. A protective sheath is located within the interior of the wallet, which automatically blocks the wireless signal.

Purchase your RFID-enhanced wallet today with Girls Kick Ass to secure your financial future!

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