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Smart Travelling with Anti-Theft Backpack

Travelling With An Anti-Theft Backpack For some, travelling is a much-loved activity that provides the opportunity to relax and abstract from their everyday life. For others, it’s an opportunity to explore new places, network and learn about new cultures. Evidently,...

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Visiting Putu

We went all the way to the North of Bali to visit Putu Careen, one of the strongest women out there.She has been attacked by her husband 5-6 months ago with a machete and lost one of her legs and almost her life.The full interview will be published soon on...

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8 Practical Tips for Women Traveling Alone

Searching for the term “A women traveling alone” get's about 23 million hits in Google. You’ve probably looked that search term up a lot of times now, right? You want to be absolutely sure that it's ok for you to travel alone. You know what? IT IS. I have been doing...

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Scared to Travel Solo? Learn how to Overcome your Fears

Do you crave for adventure and you would like to see the beauty, sights and sounds of the world? You and your friends have planned a gazillion trip but none ever materializes. You still want to travel solo so bad you can feel it under your skin. So WHY haven’t you...

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The Top 10 ‘Single Women Travel Myths’ Debunked

Among many other myths, there are a few 'single women travel myths' out there which we would like to discuss. For example; a woman travelling alone must be going through some kind of low moment. A divorce maybe. There must be a loss of a loved one or downright...

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Is Travelling Alone as a Single Woman Safe?

Are you thinking of a solo international trip but worried if you will be ok on your own? The good news is that YES you will be totally ok travelling alone. According to Marybeth Bond (National Geographic author), the number of women-only travel companies has risen by...

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How to Travel Alone for the First Time: The Art of Fitting in

Some solo travel tips from a solo traveller One of the best advice that you will get when you ask anyone about how to travel alone is that you need to fit in like a local. But how exactly do you do this?    Here are 10 Solo Travel Tips on How to Travel Alone and Fit...

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9 Benefits of Solo Travel and How it Shapes Your Personality

Solo travel is one of the most fulfilling endeavours that you will embark on in your life. Many people assume that it’s easier and cheaper to travel as a group. The truth is that there are so many ways that traveling as a lone traveler trumps traveling as a group. You...

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Safety Talk: What to Expect from Self-Defense Classes

Have you been thinking about taking some self-defense classes for weeks? You took your time to learn everything you need to know about self-defense training, maybe you even picked already the right course for you. So what's there to do next before will take your kick...

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Self-Defense 101: What is Self-Defense Training?

You’ve probably heard quite a lot about self-defense training. Safety at home and abroad is something everyone should take seriously. But what exactly is self-defense? Self-defense is the act of preventing yourself from suffering violence by using counteracting force...

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The best female self-defense devices you can carry

None of us want to be victims of an attack but sometimes you simply can’t avoid it. There are different measures you can take to protect yourself. Female self-defense classes are getting more and more popular by the day, more and more women are becoming proactive when...

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