Solo travel is one of the most fulfilling endeavours that you will embark on in your life. Many people assume that it’s easier and cheaper to travel as a group. The truth is that there are so many ways that traveling as a lone traveler trumps traveling as a group. You don’t think so? Here are 9 benefits you will enjoy when travelling solo:

1. You Learn More About Yourself Travelling Solo

“I think it’s very healthy to spend time alone. You need to know how to be alone and not be defined by another person.” ~ Oscar Wilde

How true! When you take a trip by yourself you have to choice but to really be with yourself. Traveling with a partner or a friend means that you divide your attention between yourself and your travel mate. But when travelling solo all the attention goes to you. You will not have anyone to talk to all the time so you will be forced to start listening to yourself.

You actually begin to pay attention to the way to do stuff that you actually never thought of. You start taking notice of your strengths and weaknesses. Thought you were an introvert? This is the time to discover if that’s indeed the case. You might be surprised that you’re aren’t much of an introvert, you just get tired of people. 

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2. You Gain More Confidence from Solo Travel

Solo travel will come with challenges that you will have to overcome. You will have to do things you haven’t done before like take a flight by yourself, live by yourself, eat by yourself, go for excursions alone and so much more. If you are the shy type, you will be forced to get out of your comfort zone and interact with other solo travelers.

You will find yourself having to talk to locals. With practice this becomes easier as your confidence is building. By the time you’re getting back, there will be very little that you’ll be scared of. Traveling in a group makes you stand back and let the other person do everything which means you never really get to change.

3. You’re More Open to Meeting People

When alone you will be more open to meeting other people. You will be more eager to talk to strangers and interact with locals, who might become future great friends. When you’re traveling with someone else most of the time you won’t see the need to interact with another person as you already have your travel mate by your side. Other travelers are also more opening to talking to someone who’s by themselves than people in a group.

Most of the best friendships and relationships have been formed when traveling. Most solo travelers admit that they started noticing other people when they started travelling solo. Many confess to having taken so many group travels and getting back home without meeting even one new person.

4. You Travel on Your Own Terms

When traveling as a group you have to adhere to the group’s terms of travel. It’s so difficult for an entire group to be on the same wavelength. Some want to sleep in others want to wake up early and go for excursions. You will find yourself having to do what others want and not necessarily what you want. However, when you choose to solo travel, you get to decide what you do with your trips. You can be spontaneous some days and stick to an itinerary on others.

You can choose to visit many cities in one trip or simply spend your entire trip getting to know just one city. It’s definitely whatever tickles your fancy no more having to stick to a group agenda just to avoid disappointing the group members.

Female Solo Traveler


5. You Choose Your Own Experience When Travelling Alone

When travelling alone you get to decide the kind of experience you want. Feel like splurging on an exotic destination? Go for it. Want to tone it down and go backpacking? Why not! When you travel with someone else you have to compromise and share each other’s experience.

But when you’re planning a trip alone, it’s all about you and what excites you. You don’t have to worry about someone else wants to do. You have the freedom to choose your travel destination and even the dates you want to travel. Want to spend summers away from home? Jump on a plane and go where the sun shines!


6. You can Take a Break Whenever You Want

Want to travel slow? You know what? Do it without any guilt! When you’re traveling by yourself you can decide when to stay in and simply take a break from all the places you have to see. Pretend you’re home and catch up on some TV without having to feel like you’re wasting your trip.

When you’re traveling with friends though, there will be pressure to keep going and you will often find yourself being convinced to go mountain climbing when you’d rather sleep in.

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7. You Will Save More Money

It may definitely be cheaper to share a hotel room but the beauty of traveling alone is that hotels aren’t the only option. You have more options when it comes to where you stay, the flights you book and even the places you visit. Simple purchases such as lunch for two, two tickets for an excursion, two train tickets and so on can add up fast.

But when you’re alone you’re sure that you won’t have to pay for anyone’s lunch or train ticket. This helps you go easy on your wallet. Also, when you’re alone you will more than likely buy fewer stuff. It’s pretty boring going shopping alone, so you’ll find yourself saving a few coins by buying less souvenirs and things you don’t need.


8. You Will Get Better at Problem-Solving and Decision-Making

When you’re alone you tackle any challenge you face alone. There’s no one to figure stuff out for you. The more you travel alone, the more you get to know how to make informed travel decisions.


9. You Will Have No Drama as a Women Travelling Alone

How many times have you or your friends have a bad argument during a trip? Countless, yes? People have different interests and crave for different travel experiences and therefore arguments during a trip will be inevitable. Sometimes things get so bad that the entire trip is ruined and becomes a total waste.

For some reason women tend to fight more during trips than the dudes. As a women pursuing solo travel you don’t have to worry about any drama. There will be no one to argue or fight with.

72_solo travel

The takeaway: Solo travel can be a good take a break from everything, get to know yourself better, shape your personality and see the world in your own perspective. So go on and give it a try!

These are just a few benefits that we’ve personally experienced traveling solo. Got some more? Share with us!



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