Among many other myths, there are a few ‘single women travel myths’ out there which we would like to discuss. For example; a woman travelling alone must be going through some kind of low moment. A divorce maybe. There must be a loss of a loved one or downright battling with depression. Now that’s a load of crap!

Solo travel is thrilling and can be very fulfilling. It doesn’t matter what stage you are at in your life. If you love adventure, just go even when you have a full, good life.


Top 10 Single Women Travel Myths That You Need to Ignore Immediately

There are more misplaced notions about solo travel, especially for women solo travelers. I am busting the top 10 single women travel myths right now.


Myth #1: Solo Travel is Unsafe

There will definitely be some degree of risk involved when you travel, whether alone or with a travel group. But if you prepare well and keep in mind all the practical solo travel tips you’ve read about, then you should not worry about being unsafe at your travel destination at all. A few things you should always do to make sure you’re always safe is to pre-book your accommodation, to have emergency numbers on you at all times, let someone back at home have a copy of your itinerary and always dress to blend in with the locals.


Myth #2: Solo Travel is only for Single People

So many people are guilty of this. It’s easy to see why people would assume that only single people can travel alone. If you’re in a relationship, you’ll definitely be expected to travel with your partner, right? The truth is that it’s easier to pack and leave on an adventure if you’re single but married people as well as those in relationships also venture into solo adventures.

There’s nothing about being with a significant other that should stop someone from travelling the world on their own every now and then and for all the good reasons. Some couples have different interests and it’s healthy that each person gets to indulge in their interests every so often even if it means doing so alone. So just because you’re not single it doesn’t mean you can’t hop on a plane or take your car for an awesome trip by yourself.


Myth #3: Solo Travelling is For Extroverts

It can certainly be harder for introverts to blend in but interestingly introverts are good adventurers too. The best part about solo travelling is that it forces you to be outgoing. If you’re an introvert and you often find yourself having trouble starting a conversation, you will bump into people throughout your trip and most of them will reach out to you and get you talking and this is how some of the best friendships have started.

As you travel alone you’ll find yourself in need of assistance so whether you like it or not you’ll have to interact with people. This isn’t really about personality but rather a reality no one can escape from.

Approaching new people can be incredibly nerve-racking at first, but a lot of times you will surprise yourself by just how easy it can be. A few ways to comfortably start a conversation is by asking someone where they come from, where they’ve been to and where they are headed to next. This is totally a cliché but trust me it works every single time. And you know what, it leads to so many interesting conversations.

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Myth #4: You Will Always Be Lonely

Just as they say that you can be surrounded by people and be lonely, you can be alone and not lonely. Travelling by yourself doesn’t mean you’re unhappy it simply means that you’re willing to go for what makes you happy even if it means doing it alone. Sometimes you simply need a break from everything else and enjoy life by yourself.

If you find yourself getting tired of being by yourself on a trip, you can always opt to join group tours and mingle with other solo travelers and build new relationships. Most people have reported having the best time in their lives while travelling solo. So don’t worry about being alone, there are other people doing solo trips too. You’ll never be entirely alone, there will always be a fellow traveller by your side should you wish so. 



Myth #5: It is Selfish to go on a Trip Alone

I’ve seen comments by many solo travelers especially women saying that their families are against them taking a trip by themselves calling it a selfish move. Family will probably be the hardest to convince that it’s ok to take a trip by yourself. If they don’t insist it’s unsafe, they will insist it’s selfish. You should be making better use of your money instead of taking random solo trips. How can you even think about leaving your kids and/or spouse?

What they don’t realise is that they are actually the ones being selfish. It’s your right to live life and enjoy the things that make you happy. There is nothing selfish about taking a trip by yourself. In fact, it gives you a chance to reflect and grow as an individual to make yourself a better person.



Myth #6: You Have to be Super Brave to Travel Alone

Yes, travelling by yourself will be scary, but you don’t need to be wonder woman to do it. You don’t even need to have travelled with someone before to do it. Actually, by traveling solo, you build your self-confidence, learn how to communicate and express yourself better. You also get to face and overcome a lot of the fears you have when you travel alone.



Myth #7: You Can’t Start or Maintain a Relationship while Travelling Alone

The word here should be ‘harder’ and not ‘can’t’. We can’t argue with the fact that long distance relationships are harder to maintain when you are travelling alone. The same is true about a person who travels alone full-time.

In a world where people are open to new ways of meeting partners, travelling is certainly one of the best ways to meet and fall in love with someone. It maybe harder than online dating because you’re always on the move, but because you get to meet so many people, you also have higher chances of meeting someone you get on well with. If you’re looking for love, then all you need is an open mind.



Myth #8: Solo Travel is For Boring People

It’s a common assumption that people who travel alone are boring people with boring lives that they need to escape from. What a load of crap! Solo travelers are some of the most interesting people you’ll ever meet. Besides their sense of adventure, they’ve been to many places, seen many things and met lots of people. They will always have amazing stories to share.

Choosing to travel alone does not necessarily mean that someone couldn’t find someone to travel with. Most people will actually travel alone because that’s actually what they want. Other times it’s just difficult for friends and family members to find an opportune time to travel with you. This shouldn’t stop you from visiting a place you’ve always wanted to see. 



Myth #9: You Should Not Talk to Strangers When Alone

This is something we all grew up hearing. There was a good reason why kids aren’t supposed to talk to strangers. But as a grown up and especially when travelling to foreign places, you will have to talk to a stranger at some point. It’s ok to be afraid of people but it’s also important to know that there are people who are willing to help you out.

Our advice is to always trust your instincts when talking to strangers even if you’re travelling with someone. Also know when and how deflect unwanted attention. You don’t have to talk to everyone just because they have shown interest in helping you.

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Myth #10: Too Much Travel Will Jeopardize Your Career

Most people hold back from travelling because they are afraid of destabilising normal life routines such as work, school or relationships. Yes, travel could set you back on the career ladder, but with proper planning this doesn’t have to be the case.

If you work full-time how about taking advantage of your vacation days? If you want to travel full-time and still work how about considering a remote job that allows you to work from anywhere? If you’re unemployed take advantage of this time to travel as you search for a job. You know what? Most employers will actually be impressed by the experience acquired from your solo trips increasing your chances of getting employed.

Don’t let these outrageous single women travel myths keep you stuck in a box. Get out and see the world. You will love it!


“If you don’t get out of the box you’ve been raised in, you won’t understand how much bigger the world is.” ~ Angelina Jolie


Have you heard any other myths that we’ve not mentioned? Please share them with us in the comments box!



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