You’ve probably heard quite a lot about self-defense training. Safety at home and abroad is something everyone should take seriously.

But what exactly is self-defense? Self-defense is the act of preventing yourself from suffering violence by using counteracting force or violence. Many people tend to think that self-defense classes involve punches and kicks to fend off an attack only. However, classes involve more than that. You will learn how to anticipate an attack and how to avoid it.

Self –defense allows you to use verbal and confrontational skills, assertiveness, physical techniques and awareness to protect yourself from harm. There are many types of defense techniques, and they all have one goal which is helping you learn how to defend yourself.

If you’re interested in joining a self-defense class, then you certainly don’t need to understand everything about self-defense before you enrol as it is all about learning by doing.

Today we’ll answer the most common questions that first time trainees battle with as they try to pick a class.


1. Which is the Best Self-Defense Training Format for Me?


There are many different forms of self-defense. Some training techniques will only take a few hours to understand, while others will require a couple of weeks or months. Whichever format you choose will depend on your self-defense needs.

No matter the format used, make sure that it maximizes your chances of mastering simple techniques and leaves you more confident to take care of yourself physically.

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2. Should I Take a Self-Defense Course for Years to Learn to Defend Myself?


Here at Girls Kick Ass we can’t emphasis enough the benefits of a self-defense course. In fact our goal is to get every woman to learn the most basic techniques and get some self-defense training under their belt. A few days of self-defense training will be enough to be ready to protect yourself.

A basic course is enough to help you understand the concepts of self-defense and acquire the skills needed to help you develop self-protection strategies. It doesn’t have to take you years of learning to be perfect at self-defense.

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3. How do I Find the Best Self-Defense Classes Near Me?


You’ve googled ‘self-defense classes near me’ and gotten tons of results, what’s next? When choosing a self-defense class there a few things you should consider in order to pick the most useful for you:


  • Technique: What technique are you interested in? Do you want to learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, the popular Krav Maga, Tae Kwon Do, or Karate? Different self-defense training centers offer different training techniques, so narrow down your search by the type of technique you are interested in. Research the different types of self-defense techniques in advance to find out which one is best for you.


  • Learning Format: Are you looking for a personal trainer to train you privately or would you rather join a group? Both learning formats have their own advantages and disadvantages. Most people will prefer group training as you get more than just the physical training. You will get taught skills such as social skills by interacting with other members.


  • Male Or Female Instructor: As a woman you may feel more comfortable training with another woman so there’s no shame in wanting to pick a class based on the gender of the instructor. Most women also feel more inspired by female instructors and find them to be role models. There’s comfort in knowing that a female instructor has similar experiences when it comes to safety. On the other hand, having male partners increases their ability to learn faster and builds more confidence. The gender of the instructor is really a personal choice and not at all a reflection of the quality of the class. Background of the Instructor: Once you’ve settled on the technique you’re interested in, get down to learning about the instructors. Check out websites and read in the background of the instructors. Which one is most recommended? Which one has more experience? If you can, visit a class and observe trainers running a class for better judgment. If you can’t visit a class then try and set up a meeting in person with different instructors to discuss your needs. You could also call them and ask all the questions you may have before signing up.The quality of the class will depend on the instructor’s level of knowledge, their attitude and philosophy.


  • Class Culture: If you can’t visit a class, watch online videos and observe the class culture. This will help you understand if the class will be a right fit for you. Does the class seem supportive or is everyone just all about who is the best?


How Much Should I Pay for a Self-Defense Class?

This is probably the number one question when it comes to self-defense training. In truth, cost doesn’t really matter. There is really no right price as cost of classes will depend on several factors such as location and what’s included in the price. In some countries classes are more expensive / cheaper than in others. The type of the technique will also affect the price. A private class also tends to be more expensive than a group class.

Keep in mind that paying a lot of money for a class will not be a guarantee to get the best training. But at the same time remember that not all classes are the same so don’t pick a class simply because it’s the cheapest available option. Shop around for different self-defense classes just as you would for anything else you buy.

Choosing the right class may take some time, but is totally worth the effort. As a female traveller who delights in traveling the world alone, having the peace of mind of knowing that you can take care of yourself even physically no matter where in the world you are is refreshing. A self-defense class is a surefire way of gaining this kind of confidence.

Self-defense will not only improve your safety, but is will also be beneficial to your physical, mental, and emotional health!


Have you been thinking of joining a self-defense class but you’re yet to? What has been holding you back? Let us know and we’ll be glad to help you!




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