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1. Fighting an attack on a Park Bench

2. Escape from Arm around Neck

3. Throw Attacker Over the Shoulder

4. Pass a Corner Safely – Blindspot

5. Cautiously Approaching Your Car

6. Taking a Taxi Safely

7. Moving Around Obstacles to Escape the


Claim Your Limited Time Offer Before It’s Too Late:


Curriculum For This Course

1. Start Here

  • How to Get the Most Out of This Course
  • What is Self-Defense? 
  • Introducing your Instructor Craig Ma’Har
  • Why Practice Self-Defense? 
  • When to Use Self-Defense
  • Setting Boundaries
  • Foundation of Weight Distribution
  • Benefits of Self-Defense – 1, 2 & 3
  • The Difference Between a Brawl and Self-Defense
  • Myths & Misconceptions of Self-Defense – 1 & 2

3. Get Physical

  • Warm Up
  • Equipment
  • Using the Right Amount of Force
  • Use of Excessive Force
  • Using Your Weight to Your Advantage
  • Body Positioning
  • Principles of Weight Shifting
  • Pain Points

6. Your Body

  • Confident Body Language
  • Natural Body Responses to Danger
  • Blocking Response
  • Freezing & Catatonic State
  • Using Arms to Create Distance
  • Why is repetition important?

8. Weapons

  • Why You Need an Instructor
  • Advanced Weapon Disarm Demonstration  
  • Stick Attack and Throw
  • Stick Attack With Knee Response
  • Knife Attack in Belly
  • Knife Attack to Neck
  • The Reality of Knife Fighting
  • Soldier Weapon Disarm
  • Disarm Gun 

9. Common Scenarios

  • Being Attacked on a Park Bench
  • Escape from Arm around Neck
  • Throw Attacker Over the Shoulder
  • Pass a Corner Safely – Blindspot
  • Cautiously Approaching Your Car
  • Taking a Taxi Safely
  • Moving Around Obstacles to Escape the Environment

11. Helpful Contacts 

  • Victim of Domestic Violence? Take Action Now
  • List of Helpful Contacts

2. Awareness & Prevention

  • What is Awareness?
  • Understand Your Environment
  • Remove Yourself From Situations
  • Awareness of Surroundings
  • Recognise a Dangerous Place
  • Areas to Avoid Part 1, 2 & 3
  • Scooter Scenarios: Handbag, Phone & Grabbing
  • Prevent a Handbag Snatch
  • Protect Your Mobile Phone

4. Personal Space

  • Personal Space Management
  • Personal Space by Measurement 
  • Personal Space at Work

5. Verbal Self-Defense

  • How to Peacefully Negotiate your Way Out
  • When Negotiating Isn’t an Option
  • Take Responsibility for Your Own Safety
  • The Danger of Online Dating

7. Physical Self-Defense

  • Defend Grab from Behind – Neck
  • Defend Grab from Behind – Body
  • Defend a Breast Grab 1 & 2
  • Defend Big Slap in Face
  • Defend Neck With Eye Jab
  • Knee Strikes – Groin
  • Knee Strikes – Weak Point in Hips
  • Attack From Behind with Both Arms
  • Choke Against The Wall
  • Hair Gran from The Side
  • Hair Grab from The Front
  • Hair Grab from Behind
  • Escape a Two-Hand Grab
  • Weak Points to Target – Elbow
  • Hit to the Throat
  • Groin Crush with Knee
  • Protect Yourself On The Ground
  • Pinned on the Ground
  • Push Kick
  • Fingers to Throat
  • Attack from Behind Mouth Covered

10. Protecting Your Children 

  • Protecting Your Children – Home Invasion  
  • Protecting Your Children – Playground
  • Protecting Your Children – Toilet

12. Words From The Team 

  • Why Girls Kick Ass – The Founders Full Story
  • Nicole’s Experience – The Change Behind The Camera
  • Thank you
  • Info On Our Self-Defense Retreat

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