Ever thought of joining a joint self-defense class for mother and daughter? No? If you’re a mother to a girl/s there’s a goodreason why this should be in your mind already.

Do you find yourself worrying about the safety of your daughter every time you have to let them go somewhere by themselves? Whether it’s a quick trip to the mall or to the movies, you worry that something might happen to them.

Your worries are totally valid. Statistics show that teenage girls between the ages of 12 and 19 experience the highest rates of violent crime.

As a parent you can do more than worry. You can teach your daughter how to be aware of any dangers, avoid them and even protect themselves from any kind of physical violence. The best part is that you can do it together in a joint self-defense class for mother and daughter.

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As a mom you totally want the best for your child, you want to protect them with everything you’ve got and even though you always have the best of intentions, you cannot always be there to protect your child from being attacked.

However, you can help equip them to stand up for themselves. You can let the experts help you out and by participating in a joint class you will be able to be part of the process.


Benefits of a Joint Self-Defense Class for Mother and Daughter

Participating on a joint self-defense class for mother and daughter comes with lots of benefits. Let’s take a quick look at what you and your daughter stand to gain from a self-defense class.


1. Builds Self esteem and Confidence

 Girl in Puberty

Many teenage girls suffer from self esteem and confidence issues as puberty kicks in. This is the best age to help them deal with it for life. A self defense class is a great way to help your daughter learn how to be confident in herself.

By teaching them how to defend themselves, the girls learn how to be confident and they start appreciating themselves more increasing their self esteem.

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2. Improves Physical Fitness


Teenage girls are at a stage in life where weight gain is a real threat and without the proper care they may find themselves battling with obesity. Due to increased inactivity as they school, becoming overweight is very easy.

A self defense class gives your daughter a chance to become physically creative and active. Self defense classes employ movements such as throws, forward rolls, handstands, among other techniques which results in a holistic improvement in physical fitness.

Mother & Daughter self-defense


3. Teaches How to Overcome Adversity

Self defense classes teach students how to keep learning. You get punched, you learn how to punch back. You fall down, you learn how to stand up and keep going. With enough practice your child learns the value of not giving up and to keep pushing themselves.

These lessons are life long and even after they are done with the classes, they continue pushing themselves to overcome any adversity they may face in life. Self defense classes teach participants the value of hard work, commitment and how to deal with setbacks.



4. Mother and Daughter Self Defense Classes Help Talk About Sex and Rape

Talking about sex and sexual violence with teenage girls is normally an uncomfortable discussion for many mothers. One of the goals of mother and daughter self defense classes is to provide an avenue to talk about sex and rape.

Besides teaching you and your daughter how to protect yourselves physically, they also have sessions where you get to openly talk about sex with the girls. The sessions are normally relaxed giving you the chance to have deep conversations with your daughter and give them the information they need to be well informed about sex, intimacy and safety.

Mother & Daughter Conversation

5. Your Child Learns How to Be Proud Of Themselves

Learning a self defense technique is not a mean fete especially for a child. There is no better feeling than knowing they are now an expert in something. The more confident they become as they keep practising, the better they become in their skill.

Self defense classes give your child the chance to be proud of their achievements. This is something that every parent should encourage in all children.



6. Builds Assertiveness, Tenacity and Determination

Above being confident, your daughter will be taught how to be assertive. It takes a great deal of assertiveness, tenacity and determination to learn self defense techniques. The trainers teach your child how to work hard and learn the techniques through various drills.

Besides the physical trainings, good courses / classes also have different talks that teach your child the value of standing up for themselves and being assertive. Consequently, your child learns that  they can accomplish anything they put their mind to which is a viable skill to have to get anywhere in life.

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7. Teaches Gentle Solutions to Bullying

Rough play and bullying is pretty common among teenagers. While, it’s normal for this to happen it can get out of hand and scare your child for life. It’s important that your child learns how to stand up to a bully without becoming a bully herself.

A self defense class will teach your child how to defend yourself from bullies without hurting anyone. Through the use of assertive communication and other non-violent ways, your child will be able to protect themselves effectively.

So your child is not only learning how to protect themselves, but also how to employ conflict resolution from a very early age.



8. Teaches Discipline and Respect

Self defense techniques rely on a culture of concentration, discipline and respect. For students to accomplish anything they must employ discipline and respect.

While the classes are highly physical, students must be highly disciplined and there must be mutual respect between the opponents as well as between students and their trainers.



9. Mother Daughter Self Defense Classes Teach Communication and Social Skills

Mother daughter self defense classes will normally take the form of a group setting. Such a setting promotes group communication which is very valuable when it comes to building social skills that your daughter will find useful later in life.

If your daughter is having a hard time socialising with her peers, by the end of the self defense course she will learn how the communicate assertively and will be able to interact with others with much ease. This will help her develop long lasting friendships.

Enrolling for a joint self-defense class for mother and daughter is the best gift you will ever give your child. She will learn grow both physically and emotionally and the best part is that she will have you beside her. Nothing builds a mother-daughter bond than this! Don’t waste any more time find a good instructor and get started today.

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