Excursions 2019 – 4 days

INDULGE INTO PARADISE   Our Excursions & Adventures DISCOVER A DIVINE PLACE All excursions are included in our package   Come and visit Canggu for our self-defense camp in Bali, Indonesia. Look forward to an unforgettable week, full of fun activities, learning and...

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Importance of Communication Skills in Everyday Life

Did you know that here is a HUGE difference between talking and communicating? Many of the problems we have in our relationships with colleagues, friends, family, partners or spouses are pretty much caused by the fact that we don’t fully understand the...

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5 Tips For Standing Up for Yourself and Be More Assertive

Standing up for yourself is not always the easiest thing to do in life. It is however, very important to stand up for yourself whether it’s at work, in a relationship, with friends or family and even as you travel the world. Many people will always let others have...

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