Womens’ self-defense camp in paradise


10 x your confidence in this 9 days kick ass retreat and walk home like a boss!


5 Days in Paradise

We take care of

everything the moment

you step off the plane,

so that you can just

focus on having a good




Be surrounded by like

minded women with the

same values. Learn

some moves, relax,

make friends and go on

awesome adventures.



We believe in learning by

doing, so at the end of

the course you will know

confidently how to react

and win time in order to





The women self-defense camp runs 5 day immersive bootcamps on topics like how to react in several violent situations, in beautiful locations around the world.

We create an environment of accelerated learning, so you can learn in-demand self-defense skills while having the experience of a lifetime.




Our Camp is set in the tropical beauty of Bali, with marvelous ocean views and serene surroundings.

Enjoy 5 days of self-defense classes, fun activities such as morning walks at the beach, visiting iconic temples, Balinese massages and coconuts, climbing Mt. Batur, relax for a day at the spa visit rice paddies and more!




✓ 5 nights accommodation

✓ 2 cultural excursions to various attractions

✓ A Balinese massage and unlimited coconuts

✓ 5 days self-defense training by a pro MMA instructor

✓ Airport pick-up

Access to private support Facebook Group

✓ Workshop about psychological mind games


Learning some basic self-defense technique is all about empowering yourself. 

Self-defense for women is about deterrence and strong appearance. 

Assaulters will mostly attack you if they think you are an easy target and when they can get away with it.

If they sense confidence in YOU, they will back off!

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Benefit from our introduction price for the upcoming self-defense course in Bali. This is the first time we are running the course in Bali and therefore we offer you an unbelievably affordable price from just $1197.

Become a stronger person and learn some bad-ass skills in paradise. All it takes to secure your spot is a $500 deposit.

Gain POWER and build strength in a tropical paradise!




Learning some basic self-defense techniques is all about deterrence and empowering yourself. Attackers will only attack you if they think they can get away with it. If they sense confidence in their victim, they’ll usually look for a more vulnerable victim.


Many critical situations involving violence are pre-planned. This unhealthy social dynamic is called a psychological mind game. You’ll learn how mind games evolve, how to detect them in early stages and how to step out, once you find yourself in a game situation. Learn how to detect game invitations and how to decline them in a smooth respectful way.


Our MMA instructor Craig Ma’har is highly trained in his field since 34 years who has been running specialist classes for women, security and bodyguards. He conducted seminars all around Australia.

Craig is an Emergency Service Officer for 4 years and an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) for 6 years.


The more you practice, the more natural the self-defense moves become. Your response to danger soon becomes automatic. It’s not about making the right moves, but being aware and practicing the moves until they become a natural reaction.


In most cases attackers will only attack you if they think they can get away with it. If they sense confidence in their victim, they’ll usually look for a more vulnerable victim. The self-defense course will boost your confidence through basic techniques that you can use to fight an attacker.



Steffen Raebricht from Germany is a former parachuting officer and knows how to handle difficult situations. As a psychological consultant he has a strong background in psychology.

Steffen is a transactional consultant, and educator, a NLP trainer, a Curative Practitioner for Psychotherapy and an Author.






 protect yourself

 feel less anxious in public

 enhance your street awareness

increase your self-confidence

 meet new people

find new ways to engage with others

 embrace a new engaging behavior

 develop a healthy lifestyle

✓ improve your focus

 develop your self-discipline

 develop your fighter’s reflex

 bring peace and balance in your attitude

detect psychological mind games

“Self-defense has helped me become more confident in every other area of my life. The courage I built up from it helped me travel the world, start my own business and figure out what I wanted from my relationships with others. Self-defense made me more aware of my self and what I wanted out of life, and it gave me the courage to go after it all.” 
- Brittnee Bond

Martial arts not only teaches you self-defense, but also; self-respect, self-confidence, self-esteem, and that there is no room for self-doubt.

- Freya Sutan-Assin

It is a LIFE Insurance. We spend money to ensure our cars, our life, our jewelry, disability insurance, travel insurance, our rental property, etc., but yet we hesitate when spending money on a self defense class that can truly save our lives. Self defense classes provide you with real insurance to protect your life.

- Tiffany Hui Hoon Teo, Winner of One Championship, Singapore



✈ You’ll come out of our self-defense bootcamps as a new person with new developed skills and confidence. You learned how to get out of five dangerous situation you may face in the future. How amazing for 5 days! 

✈ Self-defense has such a huge positive influence on your entire life. Self-defense helps you to feel safer, to build confidence, to develop a warrior spirit, to improve your street awareness and it will help you with your goal setting.

✈ It works on your balance, it helps develop self-discipline and improve your physical conditioning. Learn best practices, common scenarios on where to pay attention, and which skills to continue to develop and improve if you want to build up on your new skill set.

✈ Our outstanding workshop about psychological mind games, taught by a German psychologist Steffen Raebricht, will open up entire new awareness spectrums in your brain. You will benefit from both workshops for the rest of your life!

What are you waiting for?


Join us and gain some bad-ass skills.

Need Help?

We are aware of the fact that some of our participants may have been through some horrible experiences. We can help you become more comfortable and provide more information about the course, talk you through our philosophy and outcomes that you can expect.


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